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YWAM Sydney 318 has been sending disciples of Jesus to various fields in Asia and the Pacific countries and societies since 1994 to discipline the nations for the purpose of mobilizing, training and sending in Sydney, the gateway to mission. . The base also has a vision for relief ministry through business and church construction, including Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. As such, we are waiting for the co-workers who will give us the visions and visions that God has given us in our lives.


YWAM Sydney 318 Bass, knowing God, knowing God, and approaching God, expects a new era to begin revival from your devotion.


ㆍ Ministry and recruitment field

1) YWAM318 NUTS training ministry
- DTS (Jesus Discipleship Training School) Secretary
- BCC (Inductive Bible Study School) Secretary
- SOWIW (Intercessory prayer school) Secretary
- SOM (Secretary Training School) secretary

2) Ecclesiastes discipleship training ministry
-BEDTS (Eagle Jesus Discipleship Training School)
-BEBCC (Eagle Inductive Bible Study School)
-BESOWI (Eagle Worship Intercessory Prayer School)

3) Other ministries
- KING'S KIDS (Youth Ministry)
- Worship Team (Base, Flower Praise, Eagle School)
- Administration (office, accounting, mission, strategic planning, personnel)

- BASE management ministry
Technical support, resource management, homepage management, financial management, mobilization recruitment, promotion

4) House of ministry of prayer
(1004 people participating in the 1004 campaign, 1004 people participating in one account, 1004 people by 2016 to train the mission to send to the nations).
- Supply materials, technicians and finances.

5) VOSE Sydney Christian University Ministry (VOSE SYDNEY COLLEGE)

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