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 "There are things that are scattered and saved even more... 
  Proverbs 11:24"

The ministry of Sydney 318 is your prayer and support.


There are various ministries such as training schools including DTS, eagle ministry, KINGS KIDS and so on to achieve God's vision (Rev 7: 9-10, Gen. 14:14) N training center is under construction.


We pray that this will become a training center for mobilization, training, and dissemination of people who will be missionary in all areas toward all races and cities. We ask you to continue to participate in intercessory prayer and finance so that healing, recovery, and revival will take place toward the nations.


I love and bless.

How to support

Intercession, financial, and technical support.

The material support is 1004 movement (1004 people for 1 account 100 dollars) for YWAM318 support / support ministry support / trainee scholarship support and building prayer house, and 1004 people are trained and sent to the nations in the next 10 years.

   1) Australia:

        Name : Youth With A Mission 318 INC
        BSB : 633-600 / ACC : 1356-14964
        Bendigo Bank

   2) South Korea:

       국민은행 209-01-0890-422 (하태식 시드니318)

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