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YWAM Sydney 318

YWAM sydney 318 is a base belonging to Australia YWAM and is intended for evangelism (mission), training and relief.


YWAM Sydney 318 was founded in January 1994, based on the words of Genesis 14: 14, "Abram heard that his nephew was taken captive, followed by three hundred eighteen men trained at home, trained and chased to the altar." We have three goals to mobilize, train, and send the people of the 318 God's kingdom to the military of the Kingdom of God, serving the nations as the Word of God. And revival. In addition, BASE, SCHOOL, MINISTRY, and BUSINESS are being set up among the nations.


God also gave us a vision to train and send 1004 people to the nations by 2030. In addition to this, he started building the house of prayer. For this purpose, one person (100 dollars), 1004 people are participating in the construction of the 1004 movement. Through this vision, MINISTRY - SCHOOL - BASE - BUSINESS GROUP, etc. Will wake up and pray for the continuous circulation and ministry.

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