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BCC (귀납적 성경연구 학교)

The BCC course is a three-month school that experiences the power of God's Word breaking the spirit and focuses on the changes in life that follow. The BCC trains the Bible to study and study the Bible with an inductive approach. In addition, through diverse and creative workshops such as painting, drama, and music group activities, we aim to teach and participate together in a fun and exciting learning atmosphere. Among them, the role-play that illuminates the society and culture of the Bible (most of the New Testament recorded in the first century of the New Testament), and the understanding of the original readers of the time, especially the students, It is also one of the methods.

ㆍBCC Goal

- The Life Change
- Presentation of methods of inductive Bible study throughout the Bible
- Provide a solid biblical foundation for life and ministry through a proper understanding of the Bible
- Preaching, Teaching, Suggesting the specific method of gospel through SGBS training

ㆍContents of BCC Lecture

- The Life Change
- Whole God, Old Testament (at least once)
- Teaching, Preaching, Small Group
- Old Testament: Old Testament Overview, Genesis, Kings 1 Kings, Esther, Judges
- New Testament: New Testament Overview, Acts, Philemon, John, Romans, Hebrews, Revelation, Timothy
- Observe how God manifested Himself through His Word
- Other literary genres, rhetoric and other elements necessary for inductive research.


0916 BCC 수료자

Praise the LORD!

BCC의 귀납법적인 성경공부를 통해 스스로 성경을 읽고 공부할 수 있는 힘이 생겼습니다. 하나님께 감사합니다.

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